Multi Use Games Areas - LED Lighting

We were very pleased to help in replacing flood lighting for these outdoor MUGA picthes in South Ayrshire. Not only do the pitches get used during the day by schools, they are a part of community life, and not having correct levels of light (especially in Scotland) meant that many activities were not taking place. Lights were failing gradually to the point that picthes were not in use after dusk.

Our electrical supervisors attended to meet both council officers and caretakers at the 2 schools, tested to confirm that some lights, and their cut-out fuses were completely broken. We were able to price quickly, keenly and had the staff with correct IPAF training, experience and knowledge to get these 2 jobs done within 2 weeks of us being approached.

As with many projects, we speak to lighting manufacturers, representatives, ensure not only that we are getting a suitable product with warranty that will do the job, but also we compare to get the best value for the client. There was the option to replace lamps - but our investogation proved there was no value, guarantee that the old (expensive to run) fittings would last. There was remedial cable works required, we added a timeclock also at one of the pitches, a year later these are still going without us receiving a single phonecall and the modern LEDs light up every night.

  • Ayr

  • LED Replacement lighting

  • Approx £10,000

  • South Ayrshire Council

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