Electrical Rewiring of Property

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Rewiring Services

Whether for your home or business, our skilled electricians are equipped to handle rewiring projects, bringing modern safety standards to older properties. We have a team who do large rewiring contracts and refurbishment projects on other buildings also, and we have done for many years. Let's look into why a rewire may be needed and to see if you would benefit from rewiring your property.

Why Consider an Electrical Rewire?

As properties age, so do their electrical systems. An outdated wiring infrastructure can pose safety hazards such as electrical fires and shocks. An electrical rewire is often essential, if not strongly advised, to bring your property up to modern safety standards, ensuring the safety of you, your family, or your employees. Old colours of cable, lack of earthing - even the positioning or lack of sockets, lighting (interior and exterior) are all reasons why people and associations rewire their properties.

Our Rewiring Services

We specialize in comprehensive electrical rewires for both domestic and commercial clients. Our skilled electricians use cutting-edge equipment and tried and tested techniques, learned through years of experience to rewire your property efficiently and safely. We will minimise disruption while maximise the benefits of a modern electrical system.

A rewire or a partial rewire (this can be done for areas of buildings), will be messy. Our process will involve removing all the old cable, which depends on the type of building, the fabric inside, and the method of existing wiring.. but we will always do our best to advise in advance of what your rewire will entail. Our works include, pulling new cables under floors or above ceilings, chasing walls with Safe and modern cutting tools, drilling through walls and so a plasterer will be required, as will decoration after your rewire.

Schedule Your Electrical Rewire with Millar ELectrics

We work closely with our clients to agree on the scope of electrical works, ensuring a transparent and collaborative approach to achieve the desired outcome. At the same time, or staggered, a kicten and bathroom may be fitted, we can work around these trades and even assist. The most common time for rewires, is when people are buying ro selling a house, or it is a void property in between tenants moving in or out or rental homes.

Our Process

  • Discuss with customers, taking note of initial enquiry.
  • Visit to quote when we can.
  • On acceptance, arrange works and complete on agreed dates and timescales.
  • Produce NICEIC certification digitally or if required on paper.